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Camp Is Almost Here!

Monday, July 21, 2008 - 9:48 pm
Posted by Mrs. Rashi Brashevitzky
Guess what? There are only 6 more days until Gan Izzy starts and I am so excited! After months of preparation, Gan Izzy campers will get to enjoy all of the prepared activities, trips, games and more. I hope you are ready for a summer of a lifetime! By the way, there are still a few spots left in some weeks of camp, so if you have any friends who are looking for something to do, why not ask them to join you?

Gan Izzy Happenings

Sunday, July 15, 2007 - 12:00 am
Posted by Mrs. Rashi Brashevitzky
Gan Izzy 2007 is in full swing. The past two weeks have simply been chock full of fun. We've been learning all about our Jewish Superheroes, and have even discovered that we can be Jewish Superheroes by doing as many Mitzvot as we can. We've been to the Children's Museum and Botanical Gardens. We've made a fruit salad, baked cupcakes, decorated cookies to look like bunnies, cats and animal paws, baked a cake and made Fruity Cheerio necklaces. We've learned about saying Brachot, keeping Kosher, giving Tzedakkah, honoring our parents, having guests in our homes and so much more. We've made all sorts of crafts and had a great time in the pool and with our water activities. Wow! It's been a full two weeks, and now there are two more exciting weeks ready to go!

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